This sign will change the world.

Building is our passion.

We bring our passion to all of our projects, whether it is industrial structural engineering, bridge-building, tunnel-building, road-building, avalanche galleries, track construction, sewer-construction, earthmoving, water regulation, local bypasses, ripraps, motorways, levelling work, asphalt or exterior design.

HF stands for the construction company that is committed to service, quality and customer-orientation. We work for local authorities, associations, regions, town councils and many others.

Be impressed by our passion.

A Company Introduces Itself

Out of Straßen- und Pflasterbau GmbH came HF-Rohrtechnik GmbH. The company works in the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation throughout Austria and in the countries which border with it. [more]

Fit For A Lifetime

With HABAU-FIT FOR A LIFETIME, we are taking an important step in the direction of being fit for work up to a ripe old age.[more]

H&F Never Stands Still

At Held und Francke the term "further training" is not just an empty phrase. Developing and also challenging personnel is of central importance for us.[more]