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Our qualified and very experienced employees deal with the subject of the trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Technically and economically valuable solutions can be offered for virtually all utilities (drinking water, gas, sewage, etc.). The latest technology (e.g. remote-controlled rehabilitation robots or various cladding procedures) guarantees an economically interesting and sustainable solution for the multitude of forms of damage which occur in supply and disposal pipes, regardless of whether pressurised or pressure-less. We also offer and carry out a full range of inspection work such as leakage and pressure tests, TV inspection, pipe location and leak detection, etc.

HF Rohrtechnik GmbH
Straßen- und Pflasterbau GmbH had already spent many years working in the field of pipe inspection. Throughout this time, pressure and leakage tests and TV inspections of pipes and shaft, pump and other constructions were offered.
The name of Straßen- und Pflasterbau GmbH was changed to HF-Rohrtechnik GmbH and in the process of this, all rights and obligations of Straßen- und Pflasterbau GmbH were adopted. The name was changed due to the fact that HF-Rohrtechnik GmbH now also presents itself as a full service provider in the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.
Our employees possess many years of experience and make this knowledge available to our customers through expert consultation and through the technically valuable, economically interesting and punctual execution of construction projects.

Please take a look at our range of services:

HF-Rohrtechnik GmbH
A-4030 Linz, Kotzinastraße 4
Tel.: +43 (0)732 378 200
Fax: +43 (0)732 378 200 5580
Email: office.rohrtechnik(at)h-f.at

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